15 Years of Design: The Jellyfish House

15 Years of Design: The Jellyfish House

After 15 years of design, construction and development, Wiel Arets Architects recently completed the Jellyfish House. Located in Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the all-white concrete house has a swimming pool rooftop that cantilevers toward the Sierra Blanca mountains. Built in perfect harmony with its surroundings, the beach and sea can be seen from the rooftop pool and the pool's infinity edge and glass floor filters light into the home.



The interior of the Jellyfish residence features a number of luxuries like the kitchen service elevator, capable of delivering food and drinks to the rooftop pool and sauna room. The bottom and sides of the pool can be seen from various angles inside the house thanks to clear windows in the kitchen and living room. Take a look at this amazingly designed home. It took 15 years, but it was time well spent.