"Nobody wins when the family feud"

Sooooo Jay-Z dropped his new album 4:44, exclusively through Tidal and it's amazing. There is a cool big brother, been there-done that tone throughout this album. Most of us place him on a well-deserved pedal stool if you ask me. Think about it, he started from the bottom now he's here. He understands who he was while embracing who he is today, a husband, a father, and businessman. He except the growth in his life and his music is a reflection of that. This album evokes certain emotion to its audience. I feel like I'm being schooled but not in a negative manner, just like the big homie looking out for me. He's not just ish talking, he's actually saying something worth retaining on this album. 4:44 is refreshing realistic because he references incidents we continue to speculate about today i.e. "Becky with the good hair" and the infamous elevator fight. He talks about good credit, investments, black business, wealth and legacy simultaneously, how he messed up, and what he could have done to avoid certain situations. I've even decided to count how many times says the word WIFE instead any other derogatory reference about women. Don't get me wrong, young HOV does have quite a few unflattering remarks under his belt but he was exactly that, young HOV. I could go on and on but I might spoil it for you just check it out for yourself, and FYI Family Feud is my favorite track off the album.