A Night with KAWS

I traveled to Philadelphia to see the KAWS "Companion (Passing Through)" figure installed at the historic 30th Street Station. It was a long night and the streets of Philadelphia were empty. I think I was the only person out to see this 16 foot toy being built.
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When I arrived they had already started the process of constructing the statue. The body was almost fifty percent done and there were so many cranes and ladders I thought I was on a construction site. They started to put on the right arm and the crate just for the arm was at least 10 feet wide.
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I wanted to actually see what shoe size the Companion wore. I think it had to be around a men's size 1000, LOL. Since we were at the train station there were a few people coming in on the late night trains. I bumped into Frankie Knuckles from the The Roots Crew, the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon house band. He is a fan of Kaws and was excited to see this statue installed in his hometown.
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I tell you I would have given my right arm and hand to be invited to this event... LOL.
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After several hours of work the KAWS team finally got the right arm on. Now it was time for the real production, time to get handy. It was the most important part of the night and the hardest piece to put on. I saw the largest crate of the night make it's way to the sculpture, it actually stood at least 10 feet tall and inside this big box was what we were waiting for all night: the Companion's head.
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It was scary watching them trying to get the head on this giant toy. The head was lifted up by a crane and it was actually spinning out of control at some points. To place the head in back of the hands without scratching it was really delicate. They brought out a special lift to do it.
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The sun was rising and the toy was complete. Even though it was a long night, it was a honor to see the statue come to life. If you are in Philadelphia make sure you stop by the 30th Street Station and check out the KAWS "Companion (Passing Through)."
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Photography By Set Free