adidas presents: adivisionaries - Mr. Omori

adidas founder Adi Dassler had a vision to outfit athletes with the highest quality footwear. That simple principle guided Dassler until his death and since then the torch has been passed on to craftsmen, athletes and masters, who continue to shape the adidas brand under Dassler's original principles for the past three decades.

To celebrate these visionaries adidas has produced a series of new videos titled adivisionaries. In this first installment adidas delves into a day in the life of Mr.Omori, a master craftsmen who has been dedicated to his craft for the past 50 years. His techniques of hand cutting shoe patterns which helped create innovative shoes such as the adizero family has attracted attention from all over the world. In this piece adidas follows Mr.Omori to his Kobe workshop where he demonstrates his techniques while reflecting on a career that spans half a century. Check out the video below.

[youtube id="ykdnCDHBiVE" width="620" height="360"]