Agenda NYC July 2013

The Agenda Trade Show is an exclusive showcase where all the big name brands and tastemakers in the industry show off what they’ve got cooking up for the upcoming seasons and flex their creative muscles a little bit in friendly competition with the other brands in the building. Agenda in NYC differs from its counterpart shows in California and Vegas because the show is smaller, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in spirit. In what seems like a gated community on Mercer St. in the heart of Manhattan only buyers and press are invited in to mingle with the drivers of the culture, getting a sneak peek of what’s to come and even filling out orders for retail.
Every year buyers come to refill orders with their best selling brands, and every year there is a new brand that calls some attention catching the eye of buyers and influencers alike, and this year that brand very well may have been ‘The Decades.” Impressing with their beautiful design and aesthetic, The Decades Hat Co. caught the eye of many passerby’s:
Another brand that captivated was Komono with their simple yet beautifully constructed watches:
Then there’s those veterans of the trade who can be easily spot out just by looking at the size of their booth like LRG and Diamond Supply showcasing their new prints and designs:
One of the brands that always get a lot of business is the legendary Stussy, having been in the game since the early 80s it’s amazing how the brand manages to continue to push the envelope and remain relevant:
Somewhere amongst all the chaos was an open bar supplying liquid courage for all, while works of art were being created:
Beats by Dre probably had the cleanest set up displaying all their headphones on glass blocks exhibiting their new colors and new collaboration headphones with Staple:
48 Hours and many stairs later the 2013 NYC Agenda Show was over and the forums were open to the bloggers and critics for speculation, while the tastemakers and brand ambassadors were finally free for a night on the town.