Allow him to reintroduce himself!

Allow him to reintroduce himself!

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His name is Lamont Roach Jr. and you can now refer to him as the YBC Youth Jr.Light Weight Champion of the World!!

On Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio California, Lamont Roach Jr. was preparing for his 13th career fight. As you walked past security and into the exclusive wristband only area you could see all the boxers preparing for their next match. The room was hot and extremely quiet as Roach was in the corner with his trainer completely focused on the task ahead. You couldn't help but to focus on the 21-year-old DC Native whose fist you could hear hit the boxing pad or the look of determination in his eyes. He had one job, to extend his winning streak to 13-0 and become the champion in his weight class.

As he entered the ring the crowd welcomed him and he was ready to go! They touched gloves and it was on and popping! '' Let's go Lamont'' his fans screamed, ''here we go Lamont'' another voice said. They danced in the ring for a few seconds and bam, Roach's powerful punch knocked his opponent to his knees. Unbothered Roach waited for his opponent to get up and again BAM he hit him with a one-two combo and it was OVER!! Down went his opponent and in the blink of an eye, before the first round even finished Lamont Roach Jr. had won his fight!! He ran over to the side of the ring, with a huge smile on his face. He put his hands in the air as the crowd erupted with cheers and applause. He had done it!! He made history and left a clear message to any of his future competitors.

''Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you, your new YBC Youth Jr.Light Weight champion of the woooooooooooooooorld, Lamont Roach Jr!!! The crowd went wild, and Roach clothed in his custom sequin boxing jacket and YCMC hat stood in the middle of the ring and took it all in! After the match, he changed into his Puma X Emory Jones bet on yourself collection and accompanied it with his new world champion belt. As humble as can be, he shook every fan's hand, took every picture and said ''I have my own Snap Chat filter, make sure you use it!'' He put on for YCMC, and we are proud that he's on our team!! Congratulations Lamont, we know there's plenty more where that came from!

Im focused man!




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