Art Basel Miami 2017

Art Basel Miami 2017

Art Basel one of the most elite art exhibitions in the world took over South Beach and Wynwood Miami this past week. Shoe City & YCMC team got a chance to capture some of the weekends excitement and events as we met a number of painters, sculptures, artist from around the world. A creative experience which takes the world of Art to a new level.

Thousands of people roamed the beaches and galleries connecting through the essences of art. Art Basel has grown into a great platform for creatives to join forces. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from Basel '17.'Gone but not Forgotten' installed outside the Faena Hotel Miami Beach 

OKUDA "Diamond Skull" 2017

OKUDA Tapestry 2017 | Wool Over Canvas

Shane Bowden "Graffiti"

ALEC Monopoly "Art Life"

ALEC Monopoly "$" Sculpture

ALEC Monopoly "Park Place"

ALEC Monopoly "Richie Rich" Sculpture

Peter Gronquist "Orlane 36"