Art Basel Miami 2017

Art Basel one of the most elite art exhibitions in the world took over South Beach and Wynwood Miami this past week. Shoe City & YCMC team got a chance to capture some of the weekends excitement and events as we met a number of painters, sculptures, artist from around the world. A creative experience which takes the world of Art to a new level.

Thousands of people roamed the beaches and galleries connecting through the essences of art. Art Basel has grown into a great platform for creatives to join forces. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from Basel '17.'Gone but not Forgotten' installed outside the Faena Hotel Miami Beach 

OKUDA "Diamond Skull" 2017

OKUDA Tapestry 2017 | Wool Over Canvas

Shane Bowden "Graffiti"

ALEC Monopoly "Art Life"

ALEC Monopoly "$" Sculpture

ALEC Monopoly "Park Place"

ALEC Monopoly "Richie Rich" Sculpture

Peter Gronquist "Orlane 36"