Castro II : Mikkey Halsted x Don Cannon

We recently caught up with super producer @DonCannon. If you don’t know, you need to get your Google on. Cannon is responsible for producing major hip-hop anthems for artists like Outkast, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and hosts of others. We got a chance to hangout in the studio, as Cannon listened to tracks for his new artist @mikkeyhalsted. The beats sounded so epic, you could easily score a blockbuster movie with the joints we were blessed to hear.
After we finished listening to some tracks we went to the lounge to play some video games.  Cannon was playing Mikkey in 2k13, there was a lot of trash talking going on-- you would think these two didn’t even like each other. I didn’t realize how serious they were until I saw the chart on the door with the tournament breakdown.
I think Cannon won but I don’t remember, it was time to get back to work on Mikkey's second mixtape which is called Castro II. The first Castro was a huge success. The tape was so good that Complex magazine was the official sponsor on this first project.
Witnessing Cannon and Mikkey work together was a great experience. When you hear what we got a chance to listen to you are definitely going to be surprised. Shouts out to Mikkey Halsted  and Don Cannon for the invite. Be on the lookout for Mikkey, he’s up next!