Cavs vs Warriors - The Trilogy

Cavs vs Warriors - The Trilogy


We're all pumped over here at Shoe City, for this year's NBA Finals. There has been plenty of arguments and debates in here surrounding the playoffs and the two teams everyone knew would end up facing one another once again for the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. The ultimate question is "WHO YA GOT? The Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors." Me personally...I'll keep that to myself, don't want to sway anyone's opinion. I'm going to give you a timeline and some quick facts of the on-going playoff rivalry between the two teams that are making history by meeting in the finals for the third straight time.

2015 NBA FINALS - Golden State Warriors Win in 6

The Cavaliers were plagued with injuries to two of there key players. Kevin Love was injured during the regular season and Kyrie irving was injured in Game 1 of the Finals. Lebron James played in heroic fashion during the series (215pts) picking up the slack, but it wasn't enough to overcome the scoring of Stephen Curry (156pts), Andre Igoudala (98pts), Klay Thompson (95pts) and Draymond Green (78pts)

2016 NBA FINALS - Cleveland Cavaliers Win in 7

After coming off of a record breaking regular season finishing at (73-9) the Warriors were slated to face the Cavaliers once again in the rematch of last years finals. It was a lot more evenly matched this year with the Cavaliers and the Warriors both having all bullets in the chamber and it was definitely one for the books. This series started out going (3-1) to the Warriors. They made it look easy with blowout wins in the first two of them, but the Cavs fought back. They finished off the series to win 3 straight and give Cleveland their first Championship in 52 years.

2017 NBA FINALS - The stage has been set.

This third year finals matchup pretty much seemed inevitable. In the off season and regular season both teams made some moves to become stronger by adding more fire power to their squad. The Cavaliers made moves during the season to sign names by the likes of Deron Williams and Kyle Korver. The Warriors signed Matt Barnes during the regular season. The biggest move for them as we all know was the off-season acquisition of Kevin Durant. Both teams played well this year during the regular season with Cleveland finishing 2nd in the East at (51-31) while Golden State finished 1st in the West at (67-15). Once both of these teams hit the playoffs we saw the switch turn as they swept through the first two rounds 8-0. The Warriors continued in this fashion in the semi-finals sweeping the San Antonio Spurs as the Cavs lost one game to the Boston Celtics. Now that they've put all the kids to bed it's time for them to meet again tonight in Game 1 @ 9PM EST. WHO'S YOUR PICK?

2015 NBA FINALS RESULTS                                                                                        2016 NBA FINALS RESULTS  

Game 1 :  Golden State Warriors (108-100 Final/OT)                    Game 1 :  Golden State Warriors (104-89 Final) 

Game 2 :  Cleveland Cavaliers (95-93 Final/OT)                              Game 2 : Golden State Warriors (110-77 Final)

Game 3 : Cleveland Cavaliers (96-91 Final)                                        Game 3 : Cleveland Cavaliers (120-90 Final)

Game 4 : Golden State Warriors (103-82 Final)                                 Game 4 : Golden State Warriors (108-97 Final)

Game 5 : Golden State Warriors (104-91 Final)                                  Game 5 : Cleveland Cavaliers (112-97 Final)

Game 6 : Golden State Warriors (105-97 Final)                                Game 6 : Cleveland Cavaliers (115-101 Final) 

                                                                                                                                                         Game 7 : Cleveland Cavaliers (93-89 Final)