Coachella -The Neighbourhood

I got a chance to go to the world famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Cali to check out one of the newest bands making noise in the music industry, The Neighbourhood. That’s right that is the way they spell their name. They are from a small place called Newbury Park,Ca. Less then a year ago this mysterious band appeared online,  revealed no biographical information, no photos and no backstory, offering only a moody track titled "Female Robbery." Fast forward a year later no longer a mystery and one of the most anticipated new indie rock band was now getting ready to make one of their biggest dreams come true and rock the Coachella stage!
I found out what time they were performing and made my way backstage to catch up with the group. The band consist of five swagged-out  kids Jesse, Brian, Zach, Mike  and Jeremy, who are mashing up everything stylistically from their sound to their fashion like tatted frontman Jesse Rutherford who's presence is reminiscent of veteran MC control the crowd in his “Ross&Meek&Wale&Staley,” tee. It was cool to be able to kick it backstage and see them going over their set list and discussing some of the surprises they were adding to the set.
I noticed Zach walked out to the side of the stage to check out an act finishing up before they went on and at this point the crowd was getting ready for The Neigbourhood to come out and rock Coachella.
It was time for the show, the boys started setting up the equipment and as soon as I turned my back around the group was already playing there first jam. Next up was one of the songs I really like "Let It Go,"  an up-tempo track with some crazy drums that was rocking the crowd, the energy was so intense, the lead signer Jesse took off and jumped into the crowd performing as they passed him around like a beach ball.
For this band to be together for only a year they sounded incredible. They played an amazing set, from rocking out to one of their most popular tracks "Sweater Weather" that mixes everything from R&B sounds to hip-hop beats with edgy punk esthetic to the new intoxicating tracks that left the crowd in a frenzy from their new album titled I Love You, that just dropped today it was definitely another great day in The Neighbourhood. Make sure you get a chance to check them out on itunes you won't be disappointed.