Conversations Amongst Us

Conversations Amongst Us

Joe Freshgoods looks to the natural conversations, verbal and non-verbal, happening in the Black community as a way to connect, reflect, and express shared thoughts and experiences.

Following the announcement of Joe Robinson, Founder of Joe Freshgoods, being named Creative Director of New Balance’s Conversations Amongst Us, New Balance is excited to announce the official launch of the Conversations Amongst Us collection as well as a multi-phased campaign featuring brand ambassador Storm Reid and athlete Kawhi Leonard.



The collection focuses on lifestyle silhouettes of the 2002R and 550, as well as Joe Robinson’s thoughtful approach to apparel design with graphic tees, a fleece hoodie, crewneck, and pants.


The collection will be available beginning April 15, 2022 at 10am EST.  For this collection, Joe Robinson directly collaborated with an all-Black product team (The Black Soles) at New Balance, specifically Associate Product Managers and Designers, Jordan Johnson and Kevin Trotman to drive forward an intentionally designed collection. The ever popular 550 model features ‘Conversations Amongst Us’ branding on the tongue label and sockliner, while the 2002R model features Ripstop and suede underlays representing the ability to recover quickly from troubling situations.



“In part, clothing has been a big part of our culture, influencing the streets and the runway. A culture where you are only as fresh as your white sneakers. Where we once worked to keep an all-white sneaker clean, free from dirt, scuffs, and scrapes”, says Joe Robinson, Creative Director of Conversations Amongst Us. “This time we invite color. Lingering positivity and hope. The yellowing of an all-white shoe, that has been muddled, battered, and worn. Standing in resilience and reflection. Still existing with a story to tell. A story everyone should know. Let this collection be a conversation starter, for us. All of us. About it all.”




New Balance remains committed to working with creatives that are passionate about storytelling through thoughtfully designed products and authentically produced campaigns like Conversations Amongst Us. Associate Product Manager, Kevin Trotman says, “We knew working with Joe Robinson for this project along with the Black Soles product team at New Balance was going to give us an opportunity to build something really beautiful and powerful”.




Kawhi Leonard

In a culture where you’re only as fresh as your white sneakers and your fit is the perfect conversation starter, communication, both verbal and nonverbal has remained significant in connecting us. Historically and culturally, Black people have communicated with unique words and gestures that don’t have to be explained because amongst us it’s all understood. From the head nod to dapping someone up to African American vernacular, these styles of communication show a collective respect and admiration for one another.



Storm Reid

The ladies’ room can be an extension of the beauty shop, where Black women come together and reveal the innermost parts of themselves and uplift one another in the process. Whether it's admiring her poppin’ nails or her fly fit, sharing what her stylist did with her flawless knotless braids, or simply a welcoming smile. It is often the place where women remind each other that they are that girl.


About Joe Freshgoods

Joe Freshgoods is a designer and creative director from the west side of Chicago, dedicated to telling stories that connect his culture and environment with community. His unique blend of brand narrative, cultural and historical references inform his authentic connection to streetwear and its enthusiasts. Freshgoods' distinct approach to storytelling has led to innovative collaborations with brands around the world and allowed him to expound upon his position in fashion. An avid proponent of arts education and the advancement of youth, he seeks to tell stories through the lens of his childhood, love for the arts and his hometown.