David Creech on His Experience as a Brand Designer for Nike and Jordan

David Creech on His Experience as a Brand Designer for Nike and Jordan

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First of all, would you mind introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your background prior to joining Jordan Brand?

So my name is David Creech, Vice President of Design for the Jordan Brand. Prior to here, I ran what’s called “Brand design” at Nike. I was Vice President of Brand Design over all the categories– running, women’s, basketball, football, etc. Before that, I was a creative director in Nike Basketball, so I was able to work with LeBron and Kobe and KD through those years.

Prior to that, I mean, I worked on a lot of different big campaigns like Beijing Olympics, London Olympics. I worked on some World Cups, the Rio World Cup. At Nike, it feels like you’ve been there a long time.

How long have you been at Nike?
Fourteen and a half years.

When did you join Jordan Brand and what was your position at first?
So about two years ago, I joined the Jordan Brand and I started as a Vice President of Design for Jordan Brand.

What is your role as a VP of design, and what does a typical day look like for you?
Yeah. I mean, the role is [that] we’re trying to create the future for the brand. I’ve got an amazing team – footwear design, apparel design, retail design, brand design; what we call end-to-end. The cool thing is, what we’re trying to do is script kind of the future Jordan from a footwear and apparel standpoint: How does that look from a brand standpoint (photography, etc.)? How does it look at retail? So what you saw in that room over there is kind of the summation of all the parts.

And a day-to-day, as you know, trying to meet with the team. We’re trying to, obviously, script the future but also meet with the day-to-day so footwear design reviews, apparel design reviews, strategic reviews. We meet with the brand teams to really think strategically. How can we tell new stories?

What would be your best advice for young designers dreaming to join Jordan Brand?
I think it’s: Be authentic to who you are. Love your craft. And every door that’s shut is a new door open. I firmly believe that.

What are your main sources of inspiration outside of basketball?
I’m passionate about a lot of things. I love the sport. First of all, I love sport. I love graphic design, I love clever typography, I love architecture and furniture actually. You can get inspired by all things.

Just one last question: How do you see the brand evolving in the next 10 years?
In the next 10 years, well, I think what you saw in that room was kind of where we’re trying to go for in the future. I think really focusing on the game of basketball, the sport of basketball, really listening to our consumers to create an environment. Obviously, we’ve added “Women’s” as a category for the Jordan Brand. You’re starting to see how sportswear and performance are starting to work together.

To me, I think that’s the formula. And I think then again, continuing to tell amazing stories with some of our amazing athletes, some of the best in the world, and continuing to listen to the voice of the consumer. That’s always key, because as you know, in this day and age things are changing and things are going so fast. So remembering to listen to them to help us craft that future narrative.

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