Easter GiveBack by : adidas x Shoe City x Pizza Party Tour

What kid doesn’t enjoy a pizza party? That was the thought when we teamed up with Adidas and the Pizza Party Tour to throw our Easter Give back. Imagine being a kid, outside on a 75-degree day on a playground with free food and music, surrounded by other kids having a good time. Sounds like a mini kid paradise to me. We came through with free pizza, candy, haircuts, and plenty of giveaways for the them. Our plan was to give them a moment that they'd never forget and from the looks on their faces, I think we did just that. If you missed out, you can live vicariously through our video below. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ShoeCity for more event updates and all other things Shoe City.

[youtube id="nLOYSjljfyM" width="620" height="360"]