Get Ready For The 20th Anniversary of The Allen Iverson Answer IV

Mark your calendars for the next installment of Reeboks Allen Iverson Answer IV on April 15th at midnight EST.
Built especially for Iverson during his days at the top of his class the Answer IV cultivates the speed and style of the Iverson legacy. The silhouette features a zipper enclosed lacing system to keep your foot secure, streamlined design, and the premium upper materials you expect. The details bring this Answer IV to another level with a special edition sociliner graphic, I3 branding, and the iconic phrase "Only the Strong Survive" on the Iverson face plate at the bottom of the sneaker.
Conceivably the most recognizable and popular colorway the Red/White Answer is significant in the visual remembrance of the epic 2000-2001 NBA season during which A.I. won the league MVP while leading the Sixers to the Finals.
 The Answer IV bring you the extraordinary that parallels A.I. himself.