Google's Talking Kicks at SXSW

[youtube id="VcaSwxbRkcE" width="620" height="360"]

Credit: Google Videos

Forget about sneakers that pump or light up. The future of footwear is now here. This weekend Google unveiled a talking shoe at the Google Playground event space at SXSW, in Austin Texas.The talking shoe speaks to you and provides you feedback based on your movements. The modified shoe is part of a pair of Adidas high tops. This shoe could be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to exercising. If you start running the shoe will cheer you on but it will also get upset with you for being a lazy athlete. Sadly, this will not be making it to the market place anytime soon. The shoe experiment is part of Google’s way to encourage creativity and entice more of the young folk at SXSW to get into computer technology and software development.

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