I AM FIERCE - Donye Taylor

I AM FIERCE - Donye Taylor

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My name is Donye Taylor, I am 21 years old and I currently reside in Prince George's County Maryland.

What makes you FIERCE?

I am FIERCE for many reasons.

  1. I am a visionary. I am able to look at things from many different perspectives. I can see things that others can't and my attention to detail is impeccable.

  2. I choose my words wisely. I know that my words hold a lot of power so I am very mindful of how I use them. I like using my words to uplift people and to make them feel good about themselves.

  3. I pride myself on mental health and physical health. I treat my body like the temple that it is. I eat healthy, exercise several times throughout the week, and go to the doctor's regularly. I take personal hygiene very seriously and am always exploring new ways to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Having a positive attitude is also very important to me. In my opinion when you are happy and constantly doing what makes you happy, life is way smoother.

  4. I am personable. While other women may struggle to be sociable or inclusive, I am always looking for opportunities to meet new people and include outsiders. I am friendly, polite, and amusing to a vast variety of people that I meet.

  5. I have style. When I say style, I don't mean what I have on my body. My style extends to all aspects of appearance, including makeup, hair, body, or however else I choose to appear to the world. I am well put together, comfortable in my own skin, and very firm in my beliefs about myself.