Iman Shumpert | New Beginnings

New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert shows us another side to his energetic character with this intimate video where he cuts off his signature high-top. The 6'5" Chicago native opens up and speaks on the pressures of real life and is honest about being overcome by all the outside distractions.
 "For the first time since I can remember playing basketball I let so much stuff in the outside world, things that are going on in my life effect me so much that I wasn't playing the game to win, I was playing to beat my problems"

Iman Shumpert is punishing himself by cutting his hair which became a symbol for him.  He feels the celebrity of being a NBA player caused him to separate himself as an individual. Cutting his hair is almost an act of repentance, acting as a reminder to himself that his only goal is to win a NBA championship ring. He speaks on this idea of "new beginnings" as he prepares to embark on a new journey to reinvent himself.  This video shows Iman Shumpert in a different light almost foreshadowing the hunger he is going to attack this season with.

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