Keith Haring Foundation X Reebok

Reebok’s Affili’ Art program combines the world of art and fashion to create one of kind collection of products that combines iconic art with classic sportswear. In the past they have teamed up with artistic greats like Jean-Michel Basquiat, John Maeda, and Rolland Berry.
Reebok is back again with another crazy sneaker collaboration collection. This time Reebok teamed up with legendary NY artist Keith Haring to create a Haring inspired version of Reebok’s popular classic silhouettes.The collection will release in two parts with all sneakers paying homage to the ‘80s via bright colors, textures and silhouettes with Haring’s icon images like the Everyman, Barking Dog and Radiant Baby.
Available now is the Reebok Classic Leather Lux, this model takes Haring’s “radiant child” image and adapt it with Reebok's classic shoes to create an entirely new fresh look to the kicks. Only 300 pairs were made available so be sure to add this one to your collection before it's too late! With this collection Reebok hopes to not only re-imagine the genius artwork of Keith Haring but to introduce Haring to a new audience and celebrate creativity, authenticity and individuality. Stay Tuned!