Knicks Style with Iman Shumpert

We got invited to hook up with Iman Shumpert @I_Am_Iman of the New York Knicks @nyknicks at the Hugo Boss in-store in the Meatpacking District in NYC. If you don’t know Iman he is one of the NBA’s youngest and freshest players turning it up on the court. With his signature back in the day high top fade, he is definitely one of the go to guys in the industry when it comes to style and the latest trend.
It was time to start rolling. The interviewer was asking some great questions. Iman talked about his personal style and gave out some style tips to a few of his fans. It was cool to hear him talk about his style of dress compared to his style of play on the court.
After the interview, it was time for the make-over sessions for some lucky New York Knicks fans that got a chance to participate in the event. Iman walked around and looked at all the different types of garments and pulled looks to give his fans the ultimate make over. He was going to take his fans from ashy to
It was time for Iman to meet the particpants to the contest. One guy named George, was a cool college student looking to trade in his preppy threads for a more swagged out grown man look. Iman was really fascinated by the work of art tatted on his arms and got inspired to create a new image to match George vibe. Next up was a young lady, we didn’t even know that Iman knew anything about styling women but he came through and picked out some trendy pieces and put together a fashionable look for the lady. At the end of the day Iman gave the fans a great look and it was cool to catch up with him. The segment he was taping will be playing on the jumbo tron during the next upcoming Knicks games at Madision Graden.