La Brea Ave, LA: Shopping Guide To Streetwear Fashion

La Brea is another one of LA's great shopping streets and has quickly become a destination and home to some of our favorite streetwear stores and brands. On our recent trip out west we got a chance to check out the block!
First stop, Union LA, this store is definitely a major staple and cultural influencer in the streetwear world. They serve a selection of premium goods, carrying hard to find brands like Neighborhood, W)TAPS and Visvim. During our visit we got a chance to bust it up with Union's owner Chris Gibbs, a well-known streetwear personality who knows how to stock his place with all the must have brands that's on every guys wish list.
Set Free and Union Owner, Chris Gibbs
The next stop had to be the brand that basically gave birth to the streetwear game Stüssy, started in the 80's with a signature, Stüssy remains one of the top brands after 30 plus years. Outlasting every kind of trend, remaining true to their brand aesthetics, basic wardrobe staples and unique business practice, Stüssy has solidified its legacy and staying power in this here one day gone the next industry we call the Fashion Game!
Moving right along you have Undefeated, a pioneer in the sneaker industry by carrying limited runs of shoe-wear not easily available to the masses. You’ll notice the tiny shop by it’s white prison bars, it’s five-count logo & the billboard above their shop since 2002.
Just a few doors from Undefeated, you'll find Black Scale, another dominant force in the streetwear game, that has made it's home on this influential block offering their entire collection of apparel, t-shirts, caps, and of course also special product and collaborations.
Our last stop landed us at Mishka, the new kid on the block, a streetwear brand that has influences from 80’s underground punk, indie rock, heavy metal, the skate community, comics, b-movies, horror flicks & pop culture. Starting as a Brooklyn t-shirt shop in 2003, Mishka has become a powerhouse brand with a cult following.
All in all we had a great shopping experience on La Brea, a must visit on any street-head itinerary while in the sunshine state. Till next time stay Fresh!