Long Hair, Don't Care

Long Hair, Don't Care

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Divah Glam 40-Inch Hair

Ladies, ladies, ladies, have you seen our favorite fashion maven, Nicki Minaj, lately? In case you’ve been living in a cave, let us tell you that she’s changed the game again with her 40-inch hair. When we say, "hair on fleek", she’s the true definition! Ms. Nicki is giving us a Cher, Mona Lisa, Rapunzel vibe and if you want to duplicate this look, we have just the place for you: Divah Glam! They offer this very same look in Brazilian Natural Wave from 12-inch to 40-inch at 3.5oz-4oz per bundle. Divah Glam’s premium, 100% VIRGIN hair comes in its natural wave and brown color, but can be straightened and/or colored if your heart desires. The leading lady behind Divah Glam is none other than our first female ambassador, April Divah Styles. Amongst many other things, April is the go-to hair weave connoisseur and the number one dealer for all our hair needs. Along with the aforementioned 40-inch weave, Divah Glam also offers wigs, closures, hair and skin care products highly recommended by yours truly!

 Divah Glam

2441 E. Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21205

Website: https://www.divahglam.com/

40-Inch Brazilian Natural Wave: https://www.divahglam.com/products/brazilian-natural-wave?variant=11971140225

Instagram: aprildivahstyles

Snapchat: adivahstyles

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