Mita Sneakers x Puma Suede Cycle Project

Puma @puma has teamed up with Tokyo-based Mita Sneakers @mitasneakers to create the Puma Suede Cycle. The shoe takes on the classic styling of the Puma Suede and gets outfitted with a clean gum and suede combo as well as a blinking light which illuminates the Puma back badge.
[youtube id="JsyUezNadxA" width="620" height="360"]
Originating in 1968, the Puma Suede is iconic. Definitely the most popular Puma style of all time, this classic even has a place in history and in every hall of fame. At the 1968 Olympics, Tommy Smith, the prominent equal-rights activist athlete, wore the shoe when he made his famous Black Power salute.
The Puma Suede gained a greater reputation in 1974 when they were worn and endorsed by Michael Jordan @jumpman23 of the 1970s and Walt “Clyde” Frazier of the New York Knicks @nyknicks. These shoes became known as the Puma Clyde.
The Puma Suede hit new levels of fame during the 80s and was regarded as the original B-Boy shoe. It's fame was heightened by early break dancing crews, such as the New York City Breakers and the Rock Steady Crew @crazylegsrsc. The sneaker’s cult status continued when the Beastie Boys @beastieboys rocked blue Puma Suedes on stage during their 1994 Check Your Head tour.
The shoe is known for its suede upper, signature branding and fat laces. Over the years the Puma Suede has been reinvented in different cuts, styles and has transcended many eras. To this day, it remains PUMA's most timeless piece of classic design.