My Life: BluPrint, Episode 1 - Shaun Neff

My Life: BluPrint, Episode 1 - Shaun Neff

Countless elements help dictate the trends, style, branding and vision that go into producing the fashion, music and art which continue to transform our world.

Who are these individuals that help create this market? What are their interests? Where do they seek inspiration, and how have been able to impact and influence so many of today’s hip-hop stars, athletes and pop culture icons?

"My Life: BluPrint" is a viral lifestyle series that goes in-depth to explore and answer these questions. Each segment helps the audience to better understand the world of art, marketing and fashion. Tastemakers are an essential part of today's lifestyle and have become orchestrators in the creation of our culture. Take a look as we travel through the design BluPrint of Shaun Neff.

Shaun Neff is the Founder and CEO of Neff Headwear.  Neff was officially launched in 2002 as the first authentic core snow, surf and skate headwear company in the world. Neff quickly became supported by some of the biggest action sports athletes.  Credited as the brand that took the beanie and turned it into a year-round lifestyle product, Neff is now sold in over 50 countries to select action sports retailers.  Over the last several years, Neff has been one of the fastest growing companies in the youth apparel market.

In 2013, Neff collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the music industry including Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Deadmau5, 2Chainz, Steve Aoki, Ben Baller, Austin Carlile and Wiz Khalifa.  In his spare time, Shaun has worked as a youth consultant for Sony Electronics along with a couple of other exciting projects up he has up his sleeve.