New Balance 327 "The Intelligent Choice"

As a relatively new addition to the New Balance family, it almost comes as a surprise at how the 327 has become a household name for the brand, and its momentum doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.



Introduced in August of 2020 as a collaborative effort with Casablanca, the Charaf Tajer French-Moroccan brand, it drew from previous iterations like the New Balance 320 (1976), 355 (1977), and the SuperComp (1977).



Being marketed as the “ultimate leisure shoe,” its heritage details stand out while still having that premium modern feel. The silhouette manages to be the best of both worlds with its exaggerated lateral “N” across the upper and assertive studded outsole. Exaggerated yet refined. Retro and somehow modern. The 327 does the impossible and gives you everything you could possibly want in pair of sneakers.



See why NB has been so bold as to brand these shoes “The Intelligent Choice” and try a pair on for yourself. Models, influencers, and of course it wouldn’t be touted as part of the dad-shoe trend if a famous a dad or two hadn’t brought the New Balance 327 to the forefront. It’s unmatched in its versatility, price point, and construction. With a plethora of color variants like a sleek all-blackprimary multi-color, or more classic neutral combinations, there is truly a pair for every occasion and outfit.