Nike Foam Technology Takes Over

Dubbed the sibling of Nike's ever popular React Element 87 the React Element 55 launched earlier this year to join the ranks in the React series. The similarities are clear but the real difference is the 55 sports a non-translucent sole vs the 87 semi-translucent. The true star of the shoe is the advanced technology that comes in the form of foam cushioning and a breakthrough when it burst on the basketball court in 2017.

The React though did not start off as a running shoe in its first form is was in fact designed for a casual streetwear look.  The React Element 55 is the opaque sibling of the React Element 87, which took comfort and technology to the cutting edge. The super-soft sole has once again been optimized for your everyday look.

Nike went directly to the source asking runners what they wanted in a running shoe. Runner wanted better cushioning with better return on their energy, lightweight, and they wanted them to last. What they wanted was a while new type of shoe with the latest technology. In house engineers worked diligently to create an opposite of what cushioning does. 400 test models later and over 2,000 hours of testing on the feet of basketball athletes the next phase lead to durability testing for runner. More than 17,000 miles were covered in this test phase. With all of the checks and balances in place engineers finalized the exception to the rules with Nike React Foam technology.   As smooth and bouncy as it is soft and durable athletes now had exactly what they were looking for and the pleasing aesthetics of the silhouette made it an easy choice for performance and lifestyle.

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