Part One: YCMC Goes Behind the Scenes at New Balance

Part One: YCMC Goes Behind the Scenes at New Balance

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We went to Boston to visit the headquarters of some of the top sneaker brands and to also get an exclusive look behind the curtain. Giving us insight on the day-to-day operations of a major footwear corporation, Reebok, Timberland, and New Balance opened their doors, welcoming us into their facilities and showing us the blueprint behind these global companies.  We had the pleasure of meeting some of the top Execs at each company as they broke down the structure of the market and how partnering with YCMC worked.  This is a 3 part mini-video series documenting our trip.  Our first stop, New Balance.

At New Balance we were given a tour showing us all of the history behind the company.  Walking through the offices was like walking down a timeline for the brand; including, old pictures of past employees and innovators, as well as a history of New Balance sneakers could be seen throughout the building. There were inspirational quotes on the walls  to remind everyone of the goals New Balance is striving for. One quote from CEO Anne Davis  read:

"There is no future at New Balance if we do not realize how much we need others to achieve our goals:

the goals we set for New Balance, the goals we set for ourselves, the goals we set for our families."

We got the chance to meet with Kelly Gray who works in the marketing department at New Balance for the Boston area.  She spoke on the importance of staying authentic to the brand name, creating products and campaigns that represented the brand in a consistent way that matched the brands identity.

We also got to meet with one of the top designers at New Balance, Victor Torro, who told us about drawing inspiration from old war propaganda posters for the 999 Propaganda shoe.

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