Part Two: YCMC Goes Behind the Scenes at Reebok

Welcome to the second part of our visual installation documenting our trip to Boston: Our visit to Reebok.

At Reebok we met Sean Finucane, head of the Classics for Kids and basketball for the U.S. He showed us how being allies with YCMC helps Reebok to better target their market in local neighborhoods. "Shoe City is almost an extension of marketing, helping us get closer to the consumer," he commented.

After crossing the amazing basketball courts and gym where the employees played, we stopped at one of the stores inside the building. Here we met with Ryan Cross, Director of Men's Classic footwear. Ryan expressed to us how vast the heritage at Reebok is and how far the archives go back. In fact, just walking through the Reebok hallways was like a journey through the history of the brand. Ryan said that it's easy to come into the office and find inspiration for new design and direction just by looking at the past: "Arguably [Reebok was] one of the most innovative brands in the 90's with 'The Pump' and Hexalite technology. " Ryan feels Reebok will continue to reinvent themselves and stay relevant.

[youtube id="CpXWInwrysw" width="620" height="360"]