Project Las Vegas: Reebok x Swizz Beatz

The YCMC squad got invited to the Reebok @reebok booth at the Project Tradeshow @projectshow in Vegas for a very special announcement. We had a chance to go backstage while the crowd was pouring in. Swizz Beatz @therealswizzz was in the back with the latest member of the Reebok team: Tyga @tyga. Now we already know when Swizz Beatz puts on an event it's "Showtime."
Todd Krinsky from Reebok hit the stage with Swizz to talk about all the great projects that are coming out in the near future. Swizz gave a recap about the history of Reebok and how the Retro business is doing great for the company.
It was time for Swizz to bring out the big surprise, and when we say a big surprise I mean 7 foot 1 big surprise. It was none other than Reebok's first signed professional athlete: Shaq @shaq. The cameras went crazy when Shaq came out.
Swizz and Shaq have a long history together. Hearing Shaq talk about his love for music, and how Swizz actually produced music for his first album, was amazing. Shaq also told an incredible story of how he got the late great Biggie Smalls on his album. Swizz showed Shaq some throwback pictures of when he was young and some of Shaq's comments were not PG13 . Seeing Shaq wearing his shoe reminded us of old times, when we saw a size 22 shoe for the first time.
This was a great event with Swizz, Shaq and Tyga. Be on the lookout for all the new Reebok products on
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