PUMA GV Special "What It Takes To Be An Icon"

PUMA GV Special "What It Takes To Be An Icon"

German footwear giant PUMA is set to relaunch their GV special silhouette, May 1st. The sneaker has long been in existence within the brands archive for more than 35 years, originally releasing in 1980. In to the 1980’s new starts emerged and so did new footwear. The creation of the shoe started with one of the most notorious and successful players Guillermo Vilas, an Argentinian tennis star in the 1970's to 1980's. He had a few signature shoes during his time, including the G Vilas, Vilas Hard Court and GV Special without a doubt his most popular. It gained its iconic status since the 1980s simply because of it's well-build, extra support and promised durability that last for years. Lastly, its simplicity in design remains as its main asset projecting a minimalist style for everyday footwear.

In celebration of the re-launch of the GV Special we hosted a very private and intimate dinner experience with some of the DMV's most iconic Father & Son teams. We got an opportunity to talk about"What It Takes To Be An Icon" and principals these Father's have taught theirs sons to be great in everyday life and becoming Icons. PUMA GV Specials will be available at YCMC.com & in-store at select locations tomorrow, May 1st.

"What It Takes To Be An Icon"

Left: Lamont Roach Sr. - Right: Lamont Roach Jr

Left: YVNG Swag - Right: Tyray Johnson

Left: Da'Mon Dilmer - Right: Young Dylan