Purple Tape Review: Mayer Hawthorne "Where Does This Door Go"

I was first introduced to Mayer Hawthorne two years ago when he released his Impressions Ep featuring covers from likes of The Isley Brothers to Chromeo. Having known very little of his work up until that point it was the perfect introduction clearly displaying his versatility. After going back to listen to his previous releases I was convinced that this producer, writer, vocalist, and dj that plays the majority, if not all of the instruments on his albums was somewhat of a big deal.
Where Does This Door Go opens with a carefully arranged energy that clearly communicates that you are here to dance, groove, bounce. Whatever it is that you do best, but you will NOT be sitting still. The overall sound can best be described as refreshingly familiar not unlike your favorite retros in a spanking new colorway. Back Seat Lover sets you off and one song after the next it feels like you’re moving from room to room in the illest nightclub/lounge/restaurant. The stand out tracks for me are The Innocent, Wine Glass Woman, Crime feat Kendrick Lamar and Reach Out Richard. There is a very dope Steely Dan influence throughout the project and when you infuse the magic of N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams you really can’t lose.
After listening to this album on repeat for about 6hrs my conclusion is that Where Does This Door Go is a privilege to experience. There isn’t a single reason to skip around this tracklist. Make your way over to your nearest point of purchase and grab this album July 16th. Being the Dj that I am I’ll be picking up the limited edition vinyl. #dontbelievemejustwatch
Purple Rating: 5 out of 6