Purple Tape Review: Pusha T - "My Name Is My Name"

Purple Tape Review: Pusha T - "My Name Is My Name"

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My faith in the overused phrase “highly anticipated” has been restored. You gotta understand as a DJ I get tons of emails from artists and their management telling me that they’ve just sent the next “club banger” from their artists “highly anticipated” DEBUT album? *delete, delete, delete* Did you anticipate that? ...I digress.




My Name Is My Name is every damn thing it is supposed to be, Beats Rhymes and Cocaina. However, Pusha is in cruise control on the album. Unfortunately his features and collabs have created a somewhat unrealistic expectation for what his album was going to represent lyrically. On first listen it sounds like he’s dialed it back a notch. By the time I got through my 4th listen it started to sound more like what you’d expect from G.O.O.D. music. Sean’s album, great. Chainz album, great. Kanye’s album… … ...aight lets skip that one. Pusha’s album is great but not quite enough. And maybe I’m asking for too much, but there arent to many New God Flow verses on this project. It starts off quite strong with King Push and Numbers On The Boards and the then we have Sweet Serenade feat. Chris Brown which sonically gives the project some interesting depth second only to 40 Acres feat. The Dream. I can listen to No Regrets feat Jeezy and Kevin Cossom on repeat for hours. The same goes for Pain feat. Future and lets not forget the blog favorite Nosetalgia feat Kendrick Lamar.


Now lets talk about the track I could certainly do without, Let Me Love You feat Kelly Rowland. Man listen, I’m not sure what the whole channeling Mason Betha move is about… or wait IS that an uncredited Mase appearance. Look, I dunno and it’s not my job to decipher that as a listener. On top of all of that the beat is lazy as hell. Now if they coulda transferred some energy from the the scattered production of Who I Am feat 2 Chainz and Big Sean maybe both tracks would have balanced out? Now I posted a meme on Instagram last week basically saying that if you do a collab with Rick Ross it kinda tugs at your street cred. That post was inspired by Hold On feat Will Roberts… yea prettymuch. I mean who goes to war over a name that doesn't even belong to you. Again I’m digressing… So Pusha starts the song off with...

“I sold more dope than I sold records

You niggas sold records, never sold dope

So i ain’t hearing none of that street shit

Cause in my mind, you mothafuckas sold soap”




I mean, if ya’ll are cool then I guess I’m cool with it. #Bawse... So overall I do like this album but I feel like he’s holding back and gave us a Clipse quality mixtape. And as we all remember those were some dope mixtapes. I’m hoping he’ll get it right the second time around. Oh yea the song with Kelly Roland is not good. I just wanted to mention that again.

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4 out of 6