Purple Tape Review: Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines"

Blurred Lines opens with the single of the same name. I will admit upon hearing this song for the first time and then of course seeing the uncensored video... I was really looking forward to the album. On the first listen I wasn’t really impressed. A couple of listens later I was able to determine what was missing on this project HEART. I hear misdirected production in what appears to be Robin trying to make every song a single.
I must say out of the 10 tracks I’d probably wanna hear 4 of them ever again. I’m not sure if he rushed the album in between taping Real Husbands of Hollywood but this is far less than I would have expected from him especially after his more well rounded previous projects. Stand out tracks like Top Of The World, Feel Good and Give It 2 U feat Kendrick Lamar give a clearer direction of the intent of the album and are easily the best representations of what Robin was trying to prove he was capable of. I think for hardcore Robin Thicke fans this will keep them satisfied, but I really needed a bit more.
Purple Rating: 3 out of 6