Putting in Work with ASAP Ferg

We recently had a chance to catch up with Fuse TV @fusetv at the Compound, taping The Mixdown, a weekly show where the host Esteban @estebanoffmg visits recording studios and sits down with your favorite producers and artists to talk about their up and coming projects. The team was on deck setting up everything for the shoot.
As we all know artists are always running a little behind schedule so there’s nothing like a video game challenge to pass the time. We cut the Xbox on and it was time for NBA2K13 while we waited.
It was time to start rolling and ASAP Freg @asapferg stepped into the building. ASAP Ferg is part of the up and coming rap group ASAP MOB @asapmob. You might have heard of his counter partner ASAP Rocky @Asapxrocky who is taking over the game right now.
The interview was going great. We learned a lot of interesting things about Ferg. Like how he started in the fashion game running a screen printing company that provide services to major Record labels like Def Jam and Bad Boy. It was really cool to hear him talk about music, fashion, art and how it all blends together in his world.
Finally it was the moment we were all waiting for, time to hear some of his new music. ASAP Ferg played 3 new tracks from his new project that will be dropping very soon. ASAP Ferg has a single out right now titled “Work” that’s putting in work all over the airwaves and social media. ASAP Ferg described the song as a track that gets you motivated to do the best you can do, in anything you're working on. Be on the lookout for this interview on FUSE TV and stay tuned for the ASAP Ferg project dropping sometime in the near future.