Reebok & Rae Sremmurd

Reebok continues to make major moves. Just this past weekend, they announced their new celebrity endorsement with Rae Sremmurd for Reebok Classic! This move makes complete sense because The Reebok Classic and Rae Sremmurd share one key characteristic, and that's CULTURE. The Reebok Classic are a culture because they are shared by so many people in many different places, over the course of time with no signs of leaving. Rae Sremmurd embodies the culture. These guys push the envelope by being rock stars and marching to the beat of their own drum!

The Reebok Classic is exactly that, a classic! It's sleek silhouette, crisp white leather and settled gum bottom makes it an appealing and go-to sneaker.

For some reason, the Reebok Classic is an all around attractive shoe and we'll explore why that is at a later date but for now, we'll fall back, sit tight, and wait for their next move.

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