Retro and Re-issued: The Iconic PUMA Ralph Sampson

Made famous in the 1980's the PUMA Ralph Sampson comes full circle 30 years later in a triumphant return in the age of the archived relaunch. Ralph Sampson, a true basketball legend from the 80's clocks in at 7-foot-4 and PUMA aimed to provide his size 17 foot with a silhouette to keep him light on his feet.

First pick in the 1983 draft and Rookie Of The Year in 1984, Sampson collaborated with PUMA for a sneaker that not only provided ankle support with the mid-height construction but also kept the design lightweight for speed on the court.

PUMA Ralph Sampson Mid

White/Surf the Wed-Marshmallow

Style ID: 37084702


Fast -forward to today and the classic and iconic sneakers from the 80's and 90's have made an extreme comeback to center-stage. The replicated PUMA Ralph Sampson is available now at select Shoe City stores and right at your fingertips at