Russell Westbrook & Brand Jordan Surprise Children From The City Rescue Mission

Russell Westbook along side his "Why Not" Foundation & Brand Jordan took to the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma to spread the holiday cheer to those children less fortunate. The mission of the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation is to inspire the lives of children, empower them to ask Why Not? and teach them to never give up.


“The more intimate the event is, the better. Obviously I could do a really big event and just give away toys, but I like to be as intimate as possible with the kids, give kids an opportunity to talk, say whatever they want to say to me, see them smile. It’s just how I was raised, man. You’ve got to be able to give back, regardless of how much you have, you always give back…I think it’s important. Especially now, in today’s society, everything that’s going on in the world, you’ve got to find a way to give back and help people any way you can and me being in the position I am as well, it’s very important.” - Russell Westbrook