See a "Refined Future" with the New Balance 2002R "Protection Pack"

New Balance has dared once again to up the ante and show the public what the future of sneakers is becoming. 
New Balance 2002R "Protection Pack" Sea Salt
The 2002R “Protection” Pack from the heavy-hitting brand pulls inspiration from the past and the future. The 2002R silhouette was brought in from the archives yet everything else about the shoe screams innovation. The concept of “refined future” was pitched by New Balance designer Yue WU, each pair of the trio is built like an artifact from a time we haven’t even experienced yet. 
New Balance 2002R "Protection" Pack Rain Cloud
Distressed detailing and “eroded” panels are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the design of this pack. Premium suede material with a distinctly textured look and feel is matched with leather overlays and both exist on top of breathable mesh which peeks through, almost like the upper material has been ripped away to reveal this underlying, hidden design. 
New Balance 2002R "Protection" Pack Phantom
While each pair within this trio all carry the same high level of details the difference in the colorways ensures everyone will find their future in a pair of the New Balance 2002R “Protection” Pack. “Sea Salt” a soft calming off-white feels decidedly retro. “Rain Cloud” is a bit moodier and offers a variety of darker neutrals, more complex than its partners. And finally, “Phantom”, the bold striking finale to this collection. 
New Balance 2002R "Protection" Pack
The “Protection” Pack lands on 8.20 at 10 am.