#Stamped - Barberia Royal in Mexico City

#Stamped - Barberia Royal in Mexico City

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We admit. We are suffering from a mad case of barbershop envy all because of  "Barberia Royal" in Mexico City. All the ladies get the luxury of getting their nails and hair done in a very high-end infrastructure, while us men don't really have it like that. The space is divided elegantly into two different areas: The actual "barbershop" are– with all of it's traditional assortments including original chairs from the 1950s upholstered in a deep mustard-yellow leather, each facing a large beveled mirror trimmed in gold with animals like zebras, elephants, and mooses as decorative accents. The waiting area has leather seating and a fully stocked courtesy bar with display cases showing the best grooming products.



With all of this information, How much do you think a regular hair cut costs here?