Stay Electric with the Vans Bolt Collection

The Vans Sk8-Hi has been a known favorite within the brand. A classic style that feels as cool as when it was introduced in 1978, this iconic silhouette has seen many editions over the years, each one offering its perspective so everyone can go “Off The Wall” and rep their Sk8-Hi’s in any style imaginable. 
Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt
The Bolt collection gives you some interesting and bold colorways on top of classic combinations with the new lightning bolt detailing. A spectrum so that even the purists can appreciate and show off with this interesting twist on the high-top shoe. 
Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt Checkerboard
First up is the Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt Checkerboard; nothing is more recognizable as a Vans shoe than the checkerboard print underneath the white leather “jazz stripe.” The classic suede and canvas uppers, signature rubber waffle outsole, and re-enforced toe caps are enhanced with the bolt detailing along the eyelets and striking out from the front bumper. 
Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt
The Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt in the black and white colorway is striking and edgy. With leather and suede uppers in a deep black, the bolt detailing really has that lightning effect as the white stands out against the dark background. White stitching throughout the shoe emphasizes the Sk8-Hi’s hallmark features like the padded collar and “jazz stripe,” but nothing can take away from the lightning strikes across these shoes. 
Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt
Finally, as a more playful and bright option compared to the other two, the Vans Sk8-Hi Bolt in the Freesia, black, and white colorway. The Freesia is an eye-catching highlighter yellow that makes up the sidewalls of the canvas uppers while the black suede counterbalances it to give an overall electrifying vibe. The white is back within the ‘jazz stripe” and in the bolt extending from the front bumper much like in the checkerboard editions but they stand on their own thanks to the materials and color combinations. 
They say lightning never strikes twice but in this case, Vans has three electrifying pairs of shoes.