SXSW Day 2: The Men Behind Jay Z

There are 2 main ingredients when it comes to the recipe of Jay Z's hits. Those elements that cook up to create the heat are the legendary producers Just Blaze and, the man of sound, Young Guru. We got a chance to catch up with both of them at SXSW for a DJ event, where the two of them were DJing at the same time. Before the show there were lots of activities going on at the venue, including artists putting up murals and DJ's playing music while the crowd poured in. Just and Guru even got a chance to chill out with the fans before the entire event went down. Philadelphia Freeway, who was part of the original Roc A Fella crew, came through to show support at the show.
Just Blaze
Freeway, Young Guru
It was showtime and the mixing board was heating up. The crowd started to throw their diamonds in the air for the 2 legends of the R.O.C., and when Guru and Just took the stage the crowd went crazy. It was like 2 scientists up there mixing the plan together for the masterpiece they were about to display. Just Blaze started the show with Jay Z's Public Service Announcement and after that it was a hour of back-to-back hits that both of these infamous producers worked on.
Hearing an entire night of hits that these 2 greats worked on was amazing. If you don’t know who Just Blaze and Young Guru are then you need to get your Google game up and go to the iTunes store and get busy!...Lol