The Champion Revival

The Champion Revival

The Champion Rebound: Fall 2018 style watch

Champion has a rich history dating back almost 100 years. The reverse weave was invented by them in 1950-1960, the hoodie in 1970. In 2000, the heavyweight line you see today began to display the “C” logo. Athletic wear is no longer just clothes for the gym. It’s a movement of lifestyle for those who want to be noticed. Champion has seen massive growth in the past few years as we are in the midst of a 80's and 90’s fashion revival. From big logo tees to capsule collections Champion has returned to glory in the past few years. They didn't need to remake themselves, instead they focused on what they do best in casual comfort. As runway fashion becomes more casual it makes sense that the basics we once loved for their comfort, wearability, and cool factor are revived the next generation.

We have brought out new Champion styles to warm up your fall and winter looks with a casual streetwear feel. Browse the images below and shop our collections now.

This year we have a collection of Champion Men's apparel that is guaranteed to go quickly. Our Men's collection is full of Sherpa, heavyweight hoodies, and casual streetwear. Click to shop the collection.


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We’ve seen what collaborations can do for shoes and it’s not different for clothing. The Champion brand has some of the biggest collabs out there. They struck an instant hit with the Off-White x Champion capsule with designer Virgil Abloh. The drop sold out in minutes and by association, trendsetters took notice of the brand. Other collabs featured hot labels like KITH, Vetements, and Supreme.

Celebrities and influencers have been crucial to this trend. From Chance the rapper self-proclaiming he brought Champion back into style to the Kardashian’s photographed wearing the brand, Champion found themselves exactly where Manny Martinez wanted. Global brand ambassador Manny Martinez says in the 3/24/2017 article in "It was a plan that started almost 12 years ago," he says. "I came in to Champion 12 years ago as an intern. My whole thing was to take it from an urban phenomenon to pop culture. Because that's what I always believed the brand was. That's what it meant to me as a kid. And that was my mission."

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Our Women's collection is all about comfort with a feminine touch. From cropped sweatshirts to casual fall coats. Shop our Champion Women's collection now.

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