The Hustle After Party: Big Sean /Jhene Aiko

Last weeks season finale of The Hustle After Party was definitely a memorable one, and with the life of the experimental series hanging in the balance, everyone knew this last episode could make or break the show. Oddly enough, the Fuse family showed no signs of anxiety; you would not have known it was possibly the last show by the way everyone was working the scene with a projected confidence that seemed to say "there's no way they're not going to continue this show after this episode":
Big Sean and Jhene Aiko took the stage with a change of energy from the usual turn up to perform their song 'Beware.' The melodic chorus and deep lyrics captivated the crowd and had everyone swaying and singing along. Jhene is not a huge mainstream star yet but her angelic voice is gaining new fans everyday:
The shows first cypher was the turn up for this episode, the emcees came out with an arsenal of bars and were full of energy and delivery. Astro Kid, who has been showing up on peoples' radar more and more started off the cypher with a bevy of rhymes that shocked the crowd and people who haven't heard of him before. At the tender age of 14 Astro Kid has a lot of potential. Up next was the experienced AB Liva who has contributed his fair share to music whether it be through his own songs, or lyrics he has written for Re-Up Gang and other artists. AB has managed to hide from the limelight by using ghost writing as shade, but the mic shined bright once AB Liva took control dropping his complex rhyme schemes and metaphors letting everyone know he still got it, and is not afraid to use it:
Last but certainly not least was Freeway, taking the mic by storm and unleashing his freestlye in tornado like fashion with his strong delivery and signature flow:
Joining the party for the discussion segment were Large Professor, Clinton Sparks, and Chris Robinson. The legendary Large Professor has produced countless classics like 'Halftime' and 'Rewind' for Nas and 'Let The Rhythm Hit 'EM' for Eric B and Rakim. He was on set touching upon his imprint on the history of music and his long list of collaborations:
The Professor may have been one of the older people in the party but you could've been fooled by how much fun he was having, and if it weren't for the grey hairs, his ageless face would've made you think he was back in '92:
Chris Robinson joined in on the fun and spoke on his work behind the camera lens and the director aspect of music videos and what it takes to make that process happen:
Clinton Sparks was also in attendance almost in comedic fashion jokingly answering questions in good fun.
Everyone seemed very comfortable with each other which made for a great atmosphere and a great show. The crowd was in good spirits and all the talent were having fun with eachother almost turning the show into a house party. There were no tears and long hugs or even stories of the first episode, instead there was laughter and jokes as everyone hurried to find the nearest bar to celebrate the season's end as if next season was already contracted in cement.