The Hustle After Party: Episode II (Behind the Scenes)

The Hustle After Party: Episode II (Behind the Scenes)

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The night started in high anticipation with the energy still lingering from last weeks premier episode. The audience piled in through the doors from a line stretching almost two blocks in the middle of Times Square, all waiting to party with Big Krit, and to see what surprises the night held.




The party started with a lively performance by Big Krit showcasing some hits off of his album and his popular mixtape 'King Remembered In Time'.

JadaKiss and Chris Copeland of the Knicks were also in attendance getting in on the conversation on the topic of music and the industry. Jadakiss spoke about his role on the T.V. show 'The Hustle' as well as adding some of his own real life experiences in dealing with the music industry, while Chris Copeland commented on the music of today and who he likes to listen to naming Big Krit as one of the artists in his rotation.


JadaKiss and Chris also hung out backstage with some of the Fuse family and got to know them a little better. (After all, a party is all about making new friends)



Style gurus, Groovey Lou and Joshua Johnson gave their inputs on the fashion game today and the role it plays in influencing culture and trends through music, Groovey Lou spoke on being the stylist for Notorious B.I.G. and what sort of taste the late great had in clothing. Joshua Johnson gave his opinion on the fashion statements some of today's artists are making and what their stlye of clothes says about them and their music. 40oz Van also made an appearance and spoke on how his snapbacks became a hot commodity in the culture.



After a great show and a great party (thanks to DJ Dilemma) everyone was still mingling around backstage in an immensely positive atmosphere created by the vibes of the night.