The Hustle After Party: Episode III

The Hustle After Party: Episode III

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Episode three was by far the biggest party yet! We're not sure if it was Juicy J or the Twerk Team that attracted the huge crowd but there were a lot more people this time around, and a noticeably larger female presence. Whether it was the twerk team or the bands making them dance? Our guess is as good as yours.

The party started quickly with Juicy J performing his certified gold single 'Bandz a Make Her Dance', of course everyone was doing their money dance and singing the chorus on que, with such a high energy performance and start to the show. We knew we were in for a good night.



After his first performance, Juicy J joined host Esteban Serrano and DJ Dilemma to talk about his new deal with Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang. Juicy J not only became a member of the gang, but also became part owner, now owning stake in the record label.

Datwon Thomas and Sean Malcolm were on set representing their 'Vibe' and 'King' magazines, giving us a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes in that industry.


DJ Bobby Trends was also in the house talking about his DJ experiences and sharing some of his craziest party stories.


Arguably the highlight of the show was when the twerk team took the floor in competition which Juicy J and other guests got to be the judges of. (I'm going to apologize now for not having any pictures of the dancers, but we almost got trampled trying to get you exclusive coverage ...or maybe we were just mesmerized by the split they hit.)


Statik Selektah was in his new L2BF x Statik Selektah collaboration tee for his album 'Extended Play' that was released this summer on June 18th. The episode was sponsored by the new 'Live 2 Be Free' brand, and from what we seen they were in strong attendance, the 'L2BF' snapbacks were floating around the set, as well as on DJ Dilemma and Esteban Serrano the host, who were rocking pieces from the new line. Fans kept asking questions like "what does the 'L2BF' stand for?" and "where did Esteban get that Uncle Sam t-shirt?"

Rest assured, their questions were answered as everyone got to go home with a 'L2BF' T-Shirt, sticker, and postcard telling them where to get more information on the brand.



We want to thank everyone that came out and was a part of the festivities and hope to see all you wonderful people next week!