The Man Behind the Jordan Legacy 312

The Man Behind the Jordan Legacy 312

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Who exactly is Don Crawley?  We know he grew up with Kayne West on the streets of Chicago and he idolized Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. That led to his love of Jordan’s many collaborations with Nike. But, who would have every thought a kid from Chicago would hit it big and become a part of the largest collaboration in history.

Little is known about Don C growing up. Before ending up in the spot light Don talks about his time as a sneaker reseller and understanding the culture and process of the secondary market. As a young man he would purchase full runs of new Jordan’s and Nike and sell them out of his trunk.

In the early 2000’s you could find him behind the DJ booth and as a confidant for Kayne. Even now Kanye needs Don to keep him grounded as he said in his latest interview with 107.5 WGCI Chicago. “The downfall of Kayne West is directly related with Don C. not being around”. Don C works to keep Kayne grounded and called his friend to accompany him on his recent visit to Chicago, Kayne states “he needed him”.

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It was in 2008 that things changed for Don C. Stemming from his arrest with Kayne where he received 50 hours of community service versus a max sentence of 5 years in prison for assault, Don C threw his focus into fashion created his label Just Don.

The throwback Mitchell and Ness cap came first. Don C inspiration comes from "the quintessential baller cap of the late '80s and '90s for drug dealers of Chicago" (6/2015 interview). In those days the buck 50 hats were sold at liquor stores and local seamstress’ glued or sewed snakeskin to the brim, top button and the snapback strap, instantly becoming a status symbol on the streets. Using luxury materials like python, Don C used his Chicago roots to update the buck fifty hat creating a movement inspired by his humble beginnings. It didn’t hurt that A-list celebrities were seen in his creations including Kayne, Jay-Z and Rhianna.




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 2015 marked another notch in Don C’s streetwear fashion. With his cut and sew ideals, Don reworked the Jordan 2 in a limited edition blue leather. You can still cop a pair in the re-seller market but it will set you back an easy $700 all the way up to $1800. Followed by 2 more successful Jordan launches Don C has etched his name in collaboration history.

Don C shows off his Jordan 2

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Keeping with his 80’ and 90’s throwbacks Don C introduced his collegiate basketball shorts in 2017 with Jordan’s alma mater UNC. Using the aesthetic of the 90’s, with a longer length and luxury detailing when the shorts debuted publicly sell out soon followed.

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The latest in his Air Jordan re-designs is steeped in nostalgia from early Jordan silhouettes. The Jordan Legacy 312, a nod to the Chicago area code takes the Air Jordan1, Air Jordan 3, Alpha Force low and mashes then together creating a hybrid straight from the heart of a true Jordan fan. The lesser known Alpha Force Low was worn by Jordan in 1998 between the introduction of the Air Jordan 2 and 3.

Don C shows off 3 colorways in the 312

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