The Neighbourhood - The Victouria

When The Neighbourhood @thenbhd first appeared online they had no bio, photos, backstory, or identity. A single song titled “Female Robbery” was the only piece of info leaked from the band. Quite a mysterious group that slowly began to take over as more information emerged.  Decked in all black down to their staple choice of footwear, authentic canvas Vans, this group of five friends from California has everyone talking and excited about what’s coming next.

You can catch them rocking the biggest music festival in the U.S. on April 12th. The Coachella Valley Music festival @coachella, an annual three-day music and arts festival, has the craziest line-up from all genres playing live on multiple stages, you don't want to miss anyone from 2 Chainz @2chainz, Wu Tang Clan @wutangclan to Red Hot Chilli Peppers @chilipeppers and of course The Neighbourhood!

Check out The Victouria... an inside look at touring life in Australia.

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