The Takeover

The Takeover

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Girls Do It Better!

Gender lines within athletic footwear are blurred in today's society! Women are definitely taking over what are known as "male athletic footwear". Let's examine how this happened. In June 1946 the NBA was introduced and many years later in April 1996, the WNBA was introduced. Sneakers started out as an athletic necessity and eventually turned into a fashion staple. Which meant that for 50 years sneaker brands and manufacturers were only charged with the duty of creating athletic footwear for men since sports were male driven, which makes complete sense. Fast forward to today, there is without a doubt a women's presence in athletic footwear but for some reason, we aren't completely satisfied. We want what men have but we often have to wait for it. When we are presented with a women's only silhouette they tend to be super girly, which is fine but not every woman is super girly. Now on the flip side, the demand for more women's athletic footwear may not be as great as we think. Us ladies do have more footwear options than men. Maybe the brands feel that it's a waste of time and money when women can continue to purchase the shoes they want in Big Kids/Grade School. Whatever the case maybe, us gals are fixing our own problem! We wear what the guys wear and maybe even better! Check out some of these brands and styles on our site

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