Work of Art: the Stash x Reebok Question Mid

Work of Art: the Stash x Reebok Question Mid

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Brooklyn-based graffiti legend Stash is no stranger to creating exclusive collaborations with sneaker companies. His previous releases are some of the most sought after sneakers from years past. A few months ago while Stash was busy giving his signature touches a mural on the Shoe City corporate office, he hinted that a collaboration with Reebok Classic on the Question Mid was in the works. Fast forward to present day and finally being able to see and touch the fruits of his labor, the Stash x Reebok Question Mid was definitely worth the wait.

Dressed in Stash's signature blue and grey tones, the premium leather and suede on the Question Mid create an instantly classic mockup of the Allen Iverson signature. Along with the "Stash" signature on the tongue and blue paint splatter along the midsole, no detail was left out. The Stash x Reebok Question Mid will be available at select Shoe City stores and online at YCMC on Friday, June 27th for a retail price of $140.





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