YCMC Takes Over ComplexCon - Part 1

YCMC Takes Over ComplexCon - Part 1

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Full of excitement, limited releases, celebrity appearances COMPLEX CON was nothing short of an "EXTRAVAGANZA". YCMC got the opportunity to attend this weekends festivities an connect with a ton of playmakers, CEO's, brand executives, influencers and lifestyle enthusiasts from all aspects of the industry. The weekend was also full with a number of different panel discussion from "The Art of Collaboration" with Andre 3000, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jon Wex, and Jeff Staple to "Pushing Forward" with Steve Stoute, Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera. As they shared industry in-site to the next generation of creatives discussing communicating with audiences in an ever-evolving culture, building a business to accommodate such a pace and pushing forward through the heritage of brands who have paved the way. Take a look at our full photo-recap below, stay tuned for more.

Big Sean For PUMA

Off-White AF1 



PUSHA T "Bodega Babies" EQT

Takashi Murakami