YCMC Visits BBC Showroom

YCMC Visits BBC Showroom

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BBC is one of the most iconic brands in streetwear, founded by one of musics most influential artists, Pharrell. Pharrell continues to push the limits of fashion. YCMC had the privilege of going to visit the BBC showroom and headquarters in New York City, available by invitation only. During our visit we got a chance to sit down with the brands Creative Director & Wholesale Operations director Philip Leeds. Philip has been a part of the brands continued evolution for last few years. He took us on an exclusive journey to preview some of the upcoming collections, and showed us his personal photography project.





Philip has been flying under the radar working on a collection of private Polaroids which he's turning into a book. He dissected his inspiration for the book which came to him through his good friend Snoop Dogg who made the suggestion. The book is a compilation of great artist, musicians, actors, close friends and family. As we continued to go through his extensive catalog of photos, non other than Jay Z walks in the room for his take. Philip uses a vintage Polaroid "Big Shot" to capture all of these amazing portraits.